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Survivorman - Australia

30 Jul 2019

Survivorman , Les Stroud
Trailer for Australia

Forced to land his ultralight aircraft due to miscalculation in fuel, Survivorman is once again out to endure the elements for seven days in this spectacular locale... the Australia Outback.

Its spring "down under" and temperatures can be as hot as 45°C - or just above freezing. The location is home to the deadly brown kingsnake and death adder - among the most venomous in the world.

To help protect himself during rest, Les clears away the brush to lay a scavenged rope in a circle around him. Some aboriginals believe that snakes don't like to cross it, so he decides to test this lore.

He's fortunate to find a fresh water stream where he fishes for yabbies... more commonly know in North America as cray fish using the sleeve of his shirt as a trap. His diet is supplemented with edibles such as tar vine, lemon grass, acacia victoriae tree sap and watercress.

He also finds witchetty grubs, the term used to refer to this large, white, wood-eating grubs. They're large enough that they can be eaten raw or cooked and are an excellent source for high- protein.

On day seven he uses Spot, an emergency location device, to see how fast the safety team can find him in this forbidding environment.

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