If you're interested in doing RuneScape

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Well, I have been invited to GWD with RuneScape gold my friend and his routine friend. We'll be doing Bandos and now I will be killing hobgoblins for my kc. However, the only issue is that I've just murdered the Zamorak General rather than the Bandos general. I am wondering what I should wear, what my inventory must look like and what tactics I should use. A level 138 will probably be siphoned the melee hits. (Summoning cape) And my buddy gr cheese (RSN if you would like to check stats) will be doing damage. You've got a few options: - Godsword should you have it's great, it protects so you don't need to worry about losing it. Whip + obby shield/rune defender otherwise. You can bring complete veracs if you prefer, I guess whips better, and also cheaper if you die.

You should probs judge your inventory on your spouses - you can bring complete brews/restores, but its pointless if they are bringing largely shark. But normally, about 8 restores, 8 brews, a hammer, a zammy item for KC, along with a teletab, and the remainder sharks or greater is good. You can swap a few food for brews in case your partners are bringing lots of brews.

Do not be concerned about dieing too much. In case your not the tank, and the tank is good at his job (generally 138's are), you won't get hit very much. And when, for some reason, you do end up making a big mistake (incorrect prayer etc.) and dieing, provided that your friends bless your grave you will very, very easily have the ability to make it back and get your stuff (provided you've got a 1 hour gravestone). I am in the BLACK ARM GANG and that I want somebody in the Pheonix Gang to help me.

Here's a link to the Quest Guide, also if you're interested in doing this with me, but havent started yet here are the requirements: 53 cooking, 53 fishing, 50 mining, 25 herblore. Just post on here or PM me ingame my title is triad140.

I have 58 assault defence strength and hitpoints.these are my queries. Whats a good spot for 100k defence xp per hour? Whats a good place to get 100k strength xp per hour? Whats a fantastic spot for 100k attack xp per hour? What if I array at 42 range? Off Topic- Whats good runecrafting xp? What gives good F2P crafting xp? What gives great mining xp in 55 mining? And pretty much finishes my questions, if I have more, sick edit. P.S., im F2P, also should I get p2p things, ima go insane!

To kill Green Dragons? The only two ways that are essentially potential is Chaos Tunnels and the Green Dragons in level 20 Wilderness. Green Dragons in the Chaos Tunnels are filled with Baby Black Dragons, which burn through your food supply. Wilderness just has Green Dragons, but there is a risk of Revenants. The Chaos Tunnels are extremely near the Grand Exchange and Edgeville, and the Green Dragons in the Wilderness are a rather long walk to Varrock, but a shorter walk into buy RS gold Bounty Hunter.