It mean's I have finished the game

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Friend: Hey you understand that sport RS gold we used to perform ? Comped player: Yeah, I've got a Completionist Cape on RuneScape now! It mean's I have finished the game! Did you kill the hardest boss? Comped player:... No, I actually haven't murdered half of the directors in RuneScape. Friend: then how have you finished the game? Combat plays a big role in RuneScape, which is incontrovertible. Even the official RuneScape handbook I got in the 2006 scholastic book fair states .

And bosses are a huge role in battle, so in my opinion it sounds fair that taking them all on and beating them all be a necessity for your Completionist Cape. Not to say I am a huge fan of itself, Yakamaru will be a wonderful doggy! The problem I have with this is staff bosses. There's no guarantee you'll find a team, period. Being able to"complete" ought to be something that's ensured, and doesn't rely upon other players. In terms of skills, that could have been viable up until the raids release. However, currently there are tradeable abilities, and having all of them as a necessity would be like having every weapon in RuneScape for a requirement. Beforehand it may have been viable, however using Transfigure / Sacrifice / Devotion being dropped from just two particular bosses, I am unsure how I feel about that. I also added to my above post since your last post if you didn't detect and want additional reading / conversation.

Both are very afkable abilities, which means they're nowhere near as much pain to train, while Fishing isn't awful but I find it slower and more annoying than Woodcutting. Having lots of cheap RuneScape gold trees along with a bank/deposit box/shot near you helps it up.