I believe melee is the ideal combat design and triumphed is my favorite.

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Lord Amlodd is similar, looks pretty cool and appears to be the least serious of the clan leaders. Lady Hefin is my favourite, I find it pretty badass how she stays young thanks to RuneScape gold prayer and clean living. In other words she is like a gym obsessed priest who works out all day just for the sake of it and as a security effect she does not age. There are other clan leaders that do not age too or age really slowly like Lady Trahaearn and Lady Meilyer, however they use potions and mechanisms for that impact that is nowhere near as cool.

The name ought to be self-explanatory: What's in your opinion the best battle style (both Old School and RS3), and also what battle style is the favourite? Old School - Overall I've always found melee the very useful. Combat revolved around melee basically because of using superior weapons and armour and becoming a lot cheaper than the other two abilities.

F2P PKing ranged was the shizzle, however, which Maple Longbow (sighted) was super OP and was the ideal weapon for sniping at wars and killing looters. Most likely the very best F2P weapon overall too since you could basically include it and a Rune armour set and still hit incredibly correctly. Magic was decent also but was an elite ability, and has very few applications other than hybrid PKing that is like saying it's pretty much no applications since hybrid PKing is pretty much dead when compared with the fantastic old times.

I believe melee is the ideal combat design and triumphed is my favorite. RS3 - I find longrange combat styles a lot more effective than melee, and personally I believe magic is the very best. You can do anything with it, Slayer, Bossing, PvPing etc and it always works excellent. However, in regards to buy RS gold PKing ranged is far better. As I said longrange fashions have a clear advantage because most PvP action nowadays is completed in multi PvP regions and as we all know ranged beats magical which makes it the best of the two. It is that easy. Magic is the best combat style and also my favorite, but ranged isn't too much behind - actually I'm not entirely sure I do not like ranged as much as magical today.