I mean about the PSO2 forums

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The simple fact that fresh finds shop rotates every day and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta does not exist in JP feels genuine scummy. And of course GMs either giving blatant lies (minimum height ESRB for example) or not being given information to relay back to us for weeks (still waiting on a reply about voice tickets and STILL awaiting that height poll) makes this feel like SEGA truly didn't believe in NA's release and is just trying to fund their next sonic endeavor. Our brand new finds is similar to treasure shop in Japan but you're also able to get some things with meseta and I am pretty sure they were tradable. But there's also ways to acquire stargems besides being made to make alts and buying costumes to simply wear.

Honestly, I really don't see elevation is a big thing? I mean about the PSO2 forums, the problem was discussed cause people are weird and want to produce lolis that is disturbing. We are honestly more than likely not going to get voice tickets anytime soon since I am convinced it's safe to assume a lot if not all were probably given rights just for the Japanese pso2. Sega would need to probably renegotiate and ask for rights to use with NA then look to find voice actors to dub it to the NA market. PSO2 are a firm. They are just there to try and appease us. They don't have really any appropriate information out of what Sega tells them hence why the deleted tweet assuring PC stuff.

It's why a lot of what they say is not blunt and open to interpretation. We've got no direct contact. They choose and decide what's delivered over. They are already losing potential revenue from the huge catastrophe of a launching and people quitting after attempting PSO2 or just cant log into. So if they're trying to milk us, they half-assing it.

Fresh finds has items which were AC things or rare things from JP which we can get with no enjoying the RNG gatcha also it allows people who have cash to burn and impulsive disorders to invest more. Its unfortunate they dont actually permit you to purchase the items twice to make it account jumped, waste of more profit. Microsoft has all these items covered so SEGA just collects the gain folks are willing to spend. I agree they need to allow players the freedom to create shorter/smaller characters just because I know some people who wont play or spend money on PSO2 differently. Businesses can change their versions, we will see by the end of the year how bad the gatekeeping is once we catch up to JP and other programs enabling more players to invest money.

There's not any pvp in PSO2 however but we will have a 6v6 mode in the future. Your class will not actually issue for this because skills and gear are disabled and you also pick up a random weapon (you can reroll this weapon should you wish.) There's not actually comboing/stun-locking involved in the pvp mode. Much like art shots. What I enjoy about PSO2 over BnS is that the sheer quantity of content to be enjoyed. You can literally waste your own time just redecorating your room if you want or you may try your hands in the multitude of cheap PSO2 Meseta different sorts of"dungeons."